Shipping & Returns

  • Shipping: Currently hair orders ship same day Monday through Friday.  Up to 2 weeks for cosmetics and skincare orders. Unconfirmed accounts will have to go through a verification process. International orders shipping rate is between $25-$75 depending on location. Email us for an invoice. Due to the state of the world, there are no returns on any products. Unless your package was damaged upon arrival. In which photographs of the damage are required for a refund. This request has to be made within’ 48 hours, from your delivery date. Hair returns must be in the exact condition received. No combed, brushed, or unpackaged wefts returns will be accepted. Must show damage received from shipping
  • ng only. The client is responsible for shipping charges. Alongside a 20% restocking fee. Which will be deducted automatically. We are not responsible for lost parcels. Nor can we approve any return or exchange for products we do not receive back.  No refunds on sale items. Exchange or store credit are the options. Lastly, any chargebacks will be handled by our legal department. Which will immediately file theft of goods paperwork with our local courthouse.
  • All Noirvember orders will ship after 11/18/22. All sales are final.


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