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About Us

The Noir Beauté Brand was established on August 15th 2016. Starting with just three product,growning into three beauty lines! In turn making us a one stop shop for our clients. Starting with our luxurious 9A virgin Noir Beauté Extensions.Our brand has been seen on Megan Thee Stallion,The Clermont Twins,Sloan Stephens,Donna M.,Jaylen Barron,DonMonique,Bianca Golden,and Bianca Bonnie. As well as countless clients throughout the world! With the success of our hairline birthed Noir Beauté Cosmetics. A high end cosmetic line that won’t feel so price wise.Completely clean and cruelty free. We want the best for our clients and our environment. Leading us to the foundation of a great beat face...healthy skin! Which you will achieve with our plant based skincare line Noir Beauté Skin. A line consisting of 8 individual key pieces obtaining and sustaining healthy skin. All ingredients are naturally derived. Good for all skin types starting from adolescence to senior citizens.

Why Choose

Noir Beaute Extensions

  •                Choose us,because we have done the work! We have relentlessly tested all of our products. Bringing you top graded hair,clean cosmetics,and plant based skin care. No need to go here or there. When we literally are a one stop beauty brand.

our mission

 Our mission is to continuously grow as brand. Continuing giving our clients impeccable products and top notch customer service.

our vision

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Our vision is to reach as many as we can. Since we cater to more than one more beauty market. We are at the point that our brands consumers can be of almost any age,demographic,gender,race etc. That in itself is visionary.Beauty products are no longer just a luxury. That you may indulge into once in a blue. It’s grown into a lifestyle choice,not a want but a need.


What Our Clients Say About Our Hair Extensions

Rocking my freshly washed Noirbeauteextensions and I love it. My curls are so soft and full of volume. Two weeks in and just as happy as day 1. No shedding and my curls are back after my wash with minimal work

Janaya D.


I had the Noir Beaute Extensions installed for Four weeks now and I honestly can say that this is an excellent quality of hair!! I am wearing the Indian Curly two bundles of 24 inches and two bundles of 26 inches with a closure. It has had minimal shedding and the curl lasts after washing!!

Robyn R.

New York